Mike Richman Moves on to tournament final over “popo”


Heated, is a good way to describe the official Bellator weigh in between Academy Product Mike Richman and Alexandre “popo” Bezzera. After both men weighed in “popo” got in Richmans face and made contact, Which prompted Richman to give him a solid shove. Immediately after the stage was swarmed by people from both camps and bellator officials holding them back from each other. The next night there wouldnt be anybody holding them back.


The first round saw a relentless takedown attack by Bezzera for the first minute, Richman was able to stuff the first couple attempts and even countered with a front choke off of Bezzera’s single leg takedown attempt. A front choke in which Mike is known for hitting alot in the practice room. After getting Richman to the ground “popo” got Mikes back and would stay there for the rest of the round attacking with choke attempts and punches from behind. (10-9 Bezzera)

Round 2, was all hands. Richmans world class striking would be the story of round 2. Bezzera showed his grit and concrete jaw by staying on the feet and trying to go punch for punch with the superior boxer, of course he attempted to shoot for a takedown ocassionally, but Richman wasnt allowing it. Bezerra’s head was knocked back countless times by stiff jabs and quick straight left hands by the deadly southpaw ( 10-9 Richman)

Round 3 left off where round 2 ended, on the feet for the first minute and a half. Finally Bezzera secured the takedown he had been searching for. Ground and pound at first from top position, then getting richmans back again he attempted more rear naked chokes. Richman would get back to guard then spring up to his feet and throw everything but the kitchen sink at Bezzera for the final minute of the 145 lb. tourney quarter final.

In easily the fight of the night and possibly fight of the tournement so far. Mike “the Marine” Richman takes the 29-28 split decision victory to move on the the Finals of the $100,000 tournement. His Opponent will be Magomedrasul “Frodo” Khasbulaev (20-5) a super tough Russian with a hard hitting free style approach.

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