Coach’s Corner: 8 Ways to Set and Achieve your Goals


A new year means new beginnings. We like to talk a lot about goals and how to achieve them because goals are measurable pieces of success. Here are 7 ways you can set goals and achieve them once and for all!



1.  Define what you want to achieve.

Before you can set a goal, you need to know EXACTLY what you want to achieve. Be specific. If it’s weight loss, say you want to lose 10 pounds, or 50 pounds. Goals should be quantitative.

2.   Know your time frame.

Goals need to have a time frame, and it should be realistic. Decide WHEN you want to have your goal achieved. Again, be realistic – give yourself adequate time to do things right. Need help coming up with a time frame? Talk to your coach!

3.   Write your action plan.

Without an action plan, goals are just wishes and dreams. Write down what you are going to DO to achieve that goal. Are you going to commit to training 4 times a week? Are you going to start a meet-up group on the weekends to go over drills? Be specific about who, what, where, and when you are going to work on your goal.

4.   Keep track of your progress.

Start a goal journal that you keep in your gym bag or in your car. Every time you do something that gets you closer to your goal, write it down! Write down the small successes, big successes and failures alike; what you’re getting better at and what you’re still working on. This will help you see your progression in a more concrete way.

5.   Have a team.

Have a team of people that you share your goal with and that you train with on a regular basis to achieve that goal. You NEED a support group to keep you on track. You can’t do it alone, despite what you may think!

6.   Tell your friends and family.

Share you goals with other people. The more people that know about your goal, the more you’re going to stay accountable. If you are hesitant to share your goal, then you’re not that serious about it. When you share your goal, the pressure is on to achieve it. That’s what you need – pressure and motivation to succeed!

7.   Consequences for slacking.

You need to set consequences for yourself when you miss workouts or action steps. This could be anything from no morning lattes for a month, or ice cream before bed (you should probably be doing this already, but it’s just a friendly reminder.) Hard work and focus should be the only things that are rewarded.

8.   See, say, and work on your goal every day.

The last, and probably the most important step is to see, say, and work on your goal EVERY DAY until you achieve it. Write them down and stick them on your dashboard, on your mirror in the bathroom, on your phone, on your computer screen, etc. In order for you to get to where you want to be, your goal has to become an obsession to the point where you don’t want to do anything else until that goal is achieved. Otherwise, it will just get put on the back burner and become a lost dream. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth. So really think about how badly you want it and what you’re willing to do to get it.

We’re here for you, so if you have questions, talk to your coach!

Coach’s Corner: 13 Creative Ways To Get Cardio

IMG_7288Hey Team! With winter here it can be tough to fit in the cardio our bodies need because honestly, we don’t want to spend any more time outside than we have to and we don’t want to be cooped up in the gym all the time. Here are 13 ways to get your cardio in:

1. Master the stairs.

If you work in a building that has stairs, always opt for taking the stairs rather than the elevator. You’ll get your heart pumping and the calories burning!

2. Walk and talk.

Instead of meeting your girlfriend at a coffee shop, meet for a walk to talk and catch up. This is a great way to catch up and get some cardio in. Just make sure you’re walking at a decent pace!

3. Do a little dance.

Every time your phone rings do a little dance or do a couple squats after you get off the phone. A few minutes of movement is better than none!

4. Stay hydrated.

Make trips to get water. Staying hydrated is not only important for your health, its great for your skin and will get you out of your seat!

5. No more lazy layovers.

Got a long layover? Take a few laps around the terminal. Taking the rolling walkways doesn’t count.

6. Bike or walk to work.

For those of you who like to be extreme, consider biking or walking to work (depending on how far away you live from your work, of course).

7. Chores galore.

Cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do, but it burns calories. Vacuuming for an hour can burn roughly 75 calories! And who doesn’t want a clean house?

8. Park on the edge.

Instead of looking for that rockstar parking spot at the front of the lot, nearest the door – park at the end of the lot. This may not seem like a fun idea in the winter but your body will thank you for it!

9. Grocery laps.

Before you start grocery shopping, take a few laps around the store with your cart. Have a plan about what you’re going to buy first, make a list (if you don’t already have one) and then start shopping.

10. Take to the dance floor!

Winter is a hard time to want to get out and do things, but make an effort to take a dance class or two. Changing things up in your routine, will help kick boredom in the butt.

11. Shopping is cardio.

With the holidays in full swing you probably don’t have all your shopping done. A 2 hour shopping run can burn up to 350 calories.

12. Active date night.

Instead of opting for a movie on the couch, opt for a more active date night like a dance class, a yoga class, or something totally different! The sky is the limit!

13. Let the games begin!

Got a Wii or Kinect? Pop in a game that gets you moving. It’ll be fun for you and your family!

These are just suggestions, but you get the picture. Spend a little time brainstorming activities that you don’t typically do that might be good ways to move your body and burn some calories. The more active and consistent you stay through the winter months, the easier it will be to get that beach body ready for summer!

The key to staying in shape during the winter is simply to stay consistent and have a plan. Without a game plan to stick to, it’s really easy to fall off the wagon. So if you haven’t made your weekly plan for this week, do it now! You don’t need to plan month’s worth of plans, just plan it a week in advance. Get into the habit of writing your plans every Saturday or Sunday. Remember, if you need any suggestions or help – be sure to talk to your Coach! We’re always happy to help!

Moret and Smith ready for bigger stage


Next month on June 21st Ressurection Fighting Alliance (RFA) heads to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for its 8th campaign. The card is Stacked with 2 title fights of which the biggest promotion in the world (UFC) will have a close eye on.

Jeff “big frog” Curran (34-15-1) will Take on Sergio Pettis (5-0) for the Flyweight title. Curran is 1-0 since dropping to 125lbs and will look to use his brilliant ground game and veteran approach to take out the Younger brother of UFC superstar Anthony Pettis who is known for his striking abilities.

In the Co-main event- Jared “demon eyes” Downing (9-1) will defend his featherweight title against fast rising prospect Lance “the Party” Palmer (5-0) of Team alpha male. Downing a well rounded fighter will an aggresive style is looking to keep his recently won belt against Palmer who is a 4x state champion and 4x all american wrestler from Ohio State. All 4 of these fighters are close to making the Jump to the UFC. Especially the winners of these to affairs.

The Academy is sending 2 warriors to battle as well. Both to be Featured on the nights nationally televised main card on AXSTV.

Benjamin Smith who is riding a 3 fight win streak into this event, will be taking on Mike “biggie” Rhodes of Rufusport in Milwaukee. Both carry official professional records of 4-1 into this fight. With Rhodes being a striker by trade and Smith a dominant wrestler, the contrasting styles will make for an interesting fight.

Last but not least, Dan “hitman” Moret, riding high off a unanimous decision win against a very tough Stephan Watt (4-2)   April 27th, will put his 4-0 record on the line against Wisconsin’s Jose Pacheco (7-3).  After having to pull out of RFA’s January event the “hitman” picked up another locally win and picked up a plan to move to 145lbs where this fight will take place.

Tune in to AXS TV June 21st 9pm central to watch our guys in action.

Tips Of The Month

Muay Thai



The use of visualization is a critical training tool that will give you a strong competitive edge over your opponents. When you visualize the strikes, evasions, and blocks of an opponent while shadow-boxing, you are conditioning your mind and body to react appropriately to future real life situations.  Whether you’re sparring someone in class, or defending yourself outside The Academy – this tool is essential for becoming a strong, disciplined, and talented martial artist.


Jiu Jitsu



One commonly made mistake in jiu jitsu is forgetting to breathe and relax. While you’re drilling or rolling with a teammate, pay attention to the parts of your body that feel tense and think about relaxing those muscles. Remember, jiu jitsu is not about how strong you are (although it helps), it is about using proper technique and leverage to pit your opponent’s own strength against themselves. Don’t make a habit of trying to muscle your way through or out of a move. Instead, focus on being able to execute smooth but powerful moves, which only come with persistent practice.



Whether your goal is to lose weight or to become a professional fighter, you cannot achieve either goal without focusing first on your technique. Proper technique is essential for executing moves effectively and correctly. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, without good technique you will find yourself getting beat by smaller, weaker opponents if you have poor technique. Develop your skills by dedicating yourself to your training (coming to class regularly), by setting goals and achieving them (see June’s issue), and asking your coaches for advice (we are here to help you).