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Meet: Clarence Jordan

Clarence Jordan with a nice head kick.

Clarence Jordan with a nice head kick.

Clarence has made the Move to Minnesota to train at The Academy, here’s a little bit about him.

1. Where are you from?

Waterloo Iowa (same town as wrestling legend Dan Gable)

2. What is your background in athletics/ MMA experience?

I wrestled in high school and college , then I started training for MMA my Junior year of college. (Clarence is now 2-1, in his Pro career)

3. What made you move and join The Academy?

I was invited by my manager Jeremy Bjornberg to come visit the gym and after one practice I knew this was where I needed to be. Tough training partners and great coaching.

4. What do you like most about the Team/gym/program?

I like being around like minded individuals. I want to be a champion and it helps me stay motivated to be around others who have the same mind set and work ethic that I do. Iron sharpens iron!


The Academy’s MMA updates: news & notes

Here at the Academy Competing is our business… And business is good.


This coming Thursday (march 7th) Mike ” the marine” Richman is set to do battle with Alexandre “popo” Bezzerra in the semi final round of Bellator’s featherweight tournament. The winner will go on to the tournament final on either march 28th or april 4th. This is Richmans second tournament run under the bellator promotion. During his run he has gone 3-1 with all 3 wins by knockout.


Jordan “pretty boy” Parsons was scheduled to fight March 2nd for CFA (cage fighting alliance) in Miami, Florida at 145 lbs in a rematch against Danny Chavez who Parsons beat to win CFA’s Featherweight title just last summer. Coming off his 1st career loss in his defense of the belt, “pretty boy” has been chomping at the bit to get his hands on anybody they will give him. Hungry for battle, to say the least. The fight has now been pushed to April 20th.


On March 23rd Donald williams, Ben Locken, Jesse Midas, and Sean Richman will all fight for SEG/Driller promotions in Burnsville, MN. The show is nearly sold out, the only way to get tickets in the next few weeks is from the fighters themselves. One of the more anticipated fights of the night will be Sean Richman vs Nick Spina for the promotions 145lb Amatuer belt.

Stay Tuned for news, notes, and match ups for April!

No Rest for the Wicked- MMA Team stays busy this winter


After suffering a loss on the bigger stage at RFA:5 in Kansas city,MI. Nick Compton will be returning to action locally to take on Bellator Veteran Matt “kid lightning Veal (10-8) for the Driller/SEG Featherweight title march 23rd. This will mark Comptons 1st move down to 145 lbs for this feature fight on a show already close to selling out.

This Thursday Nick ” the big hurt” Kirk will return to Bellator fighting championships to take on Tony Zelinski of Michigan in an under card bout that will be live streamed on as well as

Saturday February 2nd, Jacob Volkmann will look to finish a second straight opponent when he Takes on Strikeforce import Bobby Greene at 155 lbs as part of the Aldo vs Edgar pay per view card.

Thursday February 7th Mike “the marine” Richman will enter his second 145 lb tournement for Bellator. Mike will be taking on 20-3 Savage,MN product Mitch Jackson. Mike is 2-1 in bellator with both victories by way of Knockout. In this fight Mike is telling everybody to “get the lawnchairs out, somebody is getting laid out”. Many critics echo this same sentiment.

February 9th, just two days later, Dan Moret and Jordan Parsons will be boxing locally at the St paul crowne plaza. Both men’s opponents are yet to be named. Parsons will also be making his return to the cage March 2nd in Miami,FL for CFA. Moret is awaiting a hopeful slot on the next RFA card after having to relinquish his spot due to injury  January 18th.

other fighters with scheduled bouts include

February 16th King of the cage Morton,MN: Carl Deaton, Jason Huntley, Mikey Zimmer

March 2nd CFA Miami,FL : Zach Juusola

March 23rd Driller/SEG Minneapolis, MN: Donald Williams vs Josh Wiseman.

The Academy Stays dominant at the Hyatt


Wordwide the reputation of the Academy is that of Winning fights. Locally in Minnesota on smaller shows the Academy MMA team is usually expected to put out great talent and winning fighters. This past saturday this held true as the The Academy went 3 of 4 on the night.

The first fight of the night pitted wisconsin’s Ryan Johnson versus Academy part time member Randall Rasmussen. It happened to be mainly a ground battle throughout the 3 rounds of this amateur affair. In the End Ryan Johnson took home a unanimous decision victory.

Next up for the Academy was Jason Huntley in his mma debut versus Jack Shreffler a jiu jistu fighter out of Midwest center for movement in Hudson,WI. this was also a back and fourth battle for three rounds taking place on the feet, against the cage, and on the mat. After 9 minutes of back and fourth action Jason Huntley won a Split decision victory.

Living up to the pre-fight hype created by Ryan Sweezer out of Getsum compound in St.Cloud,MN, Ryan Sweezer versus Academy Product Andre “the Diva” Tieva was an action packed affair. For Weeks leading up to this fight Sweezer proclaimed that he would Knock Tieva out in 3 minutes or less. Tieva took that challenge and stood with Sweezer for much of the fight. Almost everytime Sweezer came in with a flurry, “The Diva” was quick to counter with big right hands and quick hooks. After a contestive first round many people had it 10-9 Sweezer.

The story remained the same in round 2, Sweezers flurries versus Tievas smooth counter attacks. eventually Tieva would time a Double leg take down and get the fight to the floor where he would lock in a Rear Naked choke at 4:19 of round 2 to move his record to 3-0 as a proffesional.

Another under story to this fight was the fact that Ryan Sweezer came in at 141 pounds, Tieva made the weight but took the fight reguardless.

Shortly after Tieva/Sweezer came New Academy Team member Ben Smith taking on grizzled veteran Rico Washington at 170 lbs (washington would miss weight also). After a long feeling out process by both fighters in the 1st round, Smith, who moved here from Las Vegas months ago, used his superior wrestling,technique, and intelligence grinded out a unanimous decision. 30-27 on all cards.