Jacob Volkmann signs up for World series of fighting

644700_10151267339086241_1113255360_n  After a 6-4 run in the UFC, Academy Team member Jacob Volkmann was given his release after a recent loss to Bobby Greene (20-5) just two weeks prior.

Jacobs peers and teammates believe he should have been given one more chance to prove himself on the biggest stage due to his relentless grappling skills and mental toughness, but with a number of fighters being imported from the strikeforce promomtion ( also owned by Zuffa.inc) cuts were made and Volkmann was one of the unlucky ones.

Bellator fighting championships was a route that Jacob wanted to go, especially with a handful of other academy teammates being part of Bellators roster. It seemed like an easy transition,but after being in contact with officials for the the promotion he learned that there would not be any opening until at least summer. With a sour taste in his mouth from a recent loss and release Jake wanted something sooner if possible. In comes World series of fighting.

World series of Fighting is a promotion out of Las Vegas, Nevada on the NBC sports network. The Roster is loaded with top prospects and former UFC veterans/champions. Andrei Arlovski, Anthony Johnson, Miguel Torres, Tyrone Spong, David Branch, and Gerald Harris are just some of the names of an ever growing list that is handled by WSOF president Former Muay thai and K-1 great “sugar foot” Ray Sefo.

Be sure to look for match up announcements with Volkmanns name included on upcoming WSOF events. Being a UFC veteran, many hungry lightweight challengers will be looking to try their hand at “christmas”. One in particular is John Gunderson (34-12-2) who has called out Volkmann in a recent interview after stating he “just doesnt like him” and that he is “annoying” to him. The next WSOF event is scheduled for March 23rd. After that they plan on another event in either may or june.