SELF DEFENSE: How To Prepare for An Unfortunate Reality

self-defense-classes-minneapolisUnfortunately, situations can arise in which we are faced with violence. Evil people exist in our society; and occasionally these bad elements confront us. Unprovoked violence does not occur solely in the city and no one can predict when and if it will happen m their lives. Prevention is the only 100% guaranteed self-defense technique, however even the most careful forethought cannot prevent an attack. When you are confronted with an unavoidable, violent, self-defense situation there are a few rules that can greatly increase your chances of a safe escape.

Unfortunately, aggression, strength, and the intent to do harm are primary factors that usually decide the outcome of any conflict, but in some cases surprise and confidence act as a deterrent to an attacker. Protecting yourself against physical harm is a natural reaction, but it is not enough just to rely on your natural instinct.

To ensure your safety you need confidence in your ability to defend yourself. The skills, and the confidence to use them appropriately, can be learned and developed to a high level. Fortunately, the techniques and training methods taught at the Academy are the same skills that are being taught to our law enforcement and military community. In fact several, police officers train at the academy to ensure their ability to handle themselves in the many dangerous situations they find themselves in. Currently, many defensive tactics programs are based on the striking methods of Thai Boxing, Filipino weapons techniques, and on an increasing level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Knowing that the techniques that you learn are the most proven effective in the world today, as well as, having the instructors to teach you the training methods to develop your skills and fitness level to high levels, naturally develops your confidence.

Another important rule of self-defense concerns your own health. Your body is a fine tuned machine; therefore you need to take great care of it if it is to serve you well. This is important for everyday well-being, however for a person who might find themselves in a self-defense situation (which is everyone), it is essential. Good, consistent exercise, coupled with a healthy diet, keeps your body machinery operating efficiently. In a self- defense situation you need to react quickly and swiftly. The swift action needed in such a situation only comes if the body is fit and the thinking is quick. Fortunately, exercise also sharpens the mind. Through consistent martial arts training you learn effective self-defense techniques, increase your personal fitness level, decrease fat and stress, and increase your mental alertness.

Though you have all the tools available to develop your self-defense skills and fitness level, you are not guaranteed safety. Prevention is the best cure, and the only self-defense technique that will work all the time. There are a few rules that will help you prevent potentially dangerous situations. Just like your martial arts and fitness training you have to practice the art of avoidance. First, be AWARE and AVOID potentially dangerous situations. If you see trouble, then go around it. You have to train yourself to be aware, to always be on a casual alert, to look, listen and feel. Trust your instincts; if something feels wrong take serious consideration of it. Second, always give yourself an escape route. If you cannot find one, then create one. Again, before you go into an unfamiliar area, make sure it is safe. Thirdly, lock your doors as soon as you shut your door. Whether you are in your car or at home, get into the habit of locking your doors. Finally, confidently assert yourself. Confidence shows through your body movements, your language, and your eye contact. Stand and walk in an alert, confident posture. Speak with confidence and look people in the eye.

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