Team Academy sends four to fight for K.O.T.C



This saturday, February 16th, Four academy team members will go to battle in Morton,MN for King of the cage promotions in what sounds to be a sell out casino crowd.

Victorious in his Amateur debut january 26th, Jason Huntley will lock horns with Bounoun Tonsay at 135 pounds. Huntley was asked to be on this show just a day after his debut win. He gladly accepted for chance to stay busy and gain more experience. Not much is known about his opponent but it will be a crowd pleasing affair as lighter weight fights normally are.

Ben Smith, who also fought january 26th, will be in action against local journeyman Reilly griffin. this fight will be held at a catchweight of 195 pounds. Both fighters will weigh in the day of the fight, hours ahead of the fight. Smith who fights at 170 lbs took this fight on short notice to stay active and attempt to build up his resume.

In what many think will be a fight of the night contender, Carl Deaton will take on Wrestling stud Josh Wiseman. Deaton a good strong wrestler in his own right will drop back down to 135 pounds for this fight. Wiseman, a former state champion and cadet national champion, went 4-1 in his Amateur bouts fighting at both 145 and 135, and this being his pro debut. He is not taking an easy fight for a pro debut as Deaton (3-0) is a bigger wrestler with good striking.

In the nights Main Event Mikey Zimmer will face Journeyman Starr Roberts at 155 pounds. Zimmer is a Morten,MN local. Therefore the crowd will be anticipating this fight all night. Starr Roberts record leaves much to be desired, but he always comes to fight with his athleticism and fundamental striking. Roberts always fights tough competition. Zimmer is coming off the first loss of his career dropping him to 4-1 as a professional and will be looking to get back to his winning ways.


Team Academy Profile: Ben Smith

Ben smith Def. Rico washington by Unanimous dec. 1/26/13

Ben smith Def. Rico Washington by Unanimous dec. 1/26/13

Calm, cool, and collected but ever the competitior is Ben smith.

Moving from Las Vegas to Minnesota months ago with his Family, Smith has been a great addition to The Academy MMA team as both a practice partner for everybody big to small, but also an overall great pressence to have in the room everyday.

What is your martial arts background & how did you get started in MMA?

Ben:” I started training in MMA around 3 years ago in an effort to connect with my roots as a wrestler. I started wrestling when I was 5 years old, and after having been disconnected from the sport for almost 10 years, I felt there was a major piece of my foundation as a person that was missing, or at least lacking the appropriate nurture. MMA has filled those gaps for me.”

What motivates you day in day out?

Ben:” I’m motivated to wake up and face the grind every day by an uncompromising need to seek out personal actualization. The sense of merit and accomplishment, which my involvement in MMA supplies, allows for me to be a better, happier, and more adjusted man for my family.”

How did you end up at the academy?

Ben:” I spent the last couple years training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Although I was happy to move back to Minneapolis in order to be closer to family, I was nervous about finding a gym that would suit my needs as well Xtreme.  Everyone I asked told me that The Academy was where it’s at. They were completely right, and I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the gym.”

What are your goals as a competitor?

Ben: “My only concrete goal in MMA since I started was to get myself to the UFC. I figure that when that happens, I will reassess and come up with some new ones.”

What do you enjoy most about the sport/ training at the academy?

Ben:” I love competing in MMA because its a tangible attack against immobility, doubt, and fear. Every person, in one fashion or another, has to face those things in life. Competing in one on one combat just happens to be the medium that best suits me.”

“What I love most about The Academy is the motto it operates under (Opera non Verba…Deeds not Words). I wish all factions of the world would operate under this very simple, and very noble principle.”