Team Academy Winter Fight/Competition Results

Another great season of competition brought with it both adversity and triumph. We’re so proud of all our Team Academy competitors that continue to push themselves and grow as martial artists in victory and in defeat! Here is a quick summary of this winter’s results:

Ben Smith RFA

Ben Smith taking the title!

MMA Results

RFA 24 (3/6/15)

  • Ben “Silver” Smith captured the RFA welterweight title with a TKO from punches
  • Dan Moret suffered a defeat by unanimous decision
  • Andre Tieva got caught on the receiving end of punches and lost his fight via TKO
  • CT Bailey took a loss in a unanimous decision

King of the Cage 17 (2/21/15)

  • Nick Compton defeated Brandon Jenkins via unanimous decision

A-Town Throwdown (2/13/15)


Sean Richman, victorious at WWFC

  • Jon Ebert submitted his opponent with a triangle choke in the 1st round, winning his amateur debut!
  • Anthony Rose lost his bout, tapping to a guillotine choke in the 2nd round

Dakota FC 20 – Winter Brawl (1/24/15)

  • Clarence Jordan lost his fight by unanimous decision
  • Jason Huntley suffered a close, split decision loss

World War Fighting Championship 17 (1/17/15)

  • Sean Richman finished his opponent in the 1st round by TKO
  • Nick Compton put up the second “W” of the night for Team Academy, securing a rear naked choke to win his fight in the 1st round

Chaos At Cantebury VI (12/20/14)


Nick Compton with the “W”

  • Nate Howe earned a victory from an arm bar submission in the 1st round
  • CT Bailey also edged out his opponent with a 1st round arm bar
  • Melvin Cruz secured the win by TKO/referee stoppage in the 4th round
  • Jason Huntley won out in a unanimous decision

KOTC Industrial Strength (11/22/14)

  • Clarence Jordan found himself on the winning side of a unanimous decision

A-Town Throwdown IV (11/15/14)

  • Hayden Buckner tapped out his opponent with a guillotine choke early in the 2nd round
  • Anthony Rose executed a beautiful knock out after just 14 seconds of the 2nd round


    A beautiful TKO by “The Marine”

Bellator 131 (11/15/14)

  • Mike Richman earned a swift TKO victory over Nam Phan, prompting a stoppage to the fight after just 46 seconds!

RFA 20 (11/7/14)

  • Ben Smith defeated his opponent via a unanimous decision after 3 rounds

BJJ Results

Submission Hunt (11/22/14)

Bergeron Subhunt

Team Academy grabbing gold at the SubHunt

  • The Academy competitors came out on top, winning several divisions and taking home the championship trophy for team points!

NAGA Chicago (11/1/14)

  • Another exciting and successful grappling tournament for Team Academy!

FIVE Grappling Tournament (10/18/14 – 10/19/14)

  • Brandon Bergeron took home gold in his gi division
  • Kelly Johnson was victorious, also taking the top spot in his division

    Troy Jones ESP

    Troy Jones celebrating the win with a proud team!

Muay Thai Results

ESP (2/21/15)

  • Troy “Trouble” Jones captured the ESP kickboxing title!

Greg Nelson Cancer Survivor Kare 11 Extra

Coach’s Corner: The Black Belt Way of Life

team academy mn

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Pedro Sauer here at The Academy for an all day seminar. Jiu jitsu students from all over the state came to learn from Professor Sauer.

Among those students were students from The Academy that had the opportunity to test for their next belt rank. These are students who care deeply about being a martial artist and becoming a black belt. The dedication and focus that these students have shown throughout the years has inspired this topic of “the black belt way of life.” What does that mean and why is it important?

The black belt way of life is not just about dedication and discipline, it’s about your character off the mat too. Black belts shouldn’t just be masters of their art, but they should be humble, kind, willing to help others who aren’t as skilled or as experienced, they put the needs of others in front of their own. They are leaders who take on challenge with pleasure, and seek to make jiu-jitsu fun and accessible to all people.

Sometimes we forget that martial arts is not just for the strong, but for the weak. It’s because of martial arts that those who seem weak, frail, insecure, or uncoordinated become strong, determined, and confident. Becoming a black belt is about encouraging those who need it the most. We all have stories of feeling insecure or nervous when we first started training, but there was probably someone who was a higher rank that took time to be patient with you, to teach you what they know, to help you work through certain moves and techniques. Right?

As you continue on your journey of becoming a black belt (it doesn’t matter whether you do Muay Thai or BJJ) think about what kind of black belt you want to be… Think about why becoming a black belt is important on and off the mat.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking that becoming a black belt isn’t one of your goals, ask yourself how come? Are you afraid of the commitment and the discipline it takes? aRe you nervous about the testing? What’s holding you back?

Achieving a black belt should be a goal of yours if it’s not already because the skills and tools that you learn, the experiences you gain are priceless and unique to this form of martial arts. As coaches, the time, money, blood, sweat, and memories that we’ve gained have made us better people in more way than we could have ever imagined. We believe that no other sport can make a more well rounded human being that the martial arts. Physically and mentally – martial artists learn to master and control their bodies and mind in ways that most people never learn how to do in their lifetime.

Sometimes life gets busy and maybe it takes us away from training and testing regularly. We want to remind you that training and testing regularly is critical to your progress as a martial artist and we strongly urge you to make testing a priority. Training prepares you for testing and testing is a way for you and us (as your coaches) to measure your progress towards becoming a black belt.

So whether becoming a black belt is a definite goal of your or you’re still on the fence about it, we want to challenge you to think about your own definition of a black belt and what it means to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing your training here so keep up the great work!


Until next time,

Your Academy Coaches

Meet: Phil Hawes


Phil Hawes a New member of The Academy fight team, as of last weekend is 4-0 as an Amateur. He normally fights at 185 lbs. but went on to win Driller promotions HWT title.

1. Where are you from?

“I’m originally from Little Ferry ,New Jersey a small suburb in North Jersey..”

2.What is your background in athletics/ mma experience?

“I’m a division 1 wrestler.. I’m a 3-0 amature in mma..”

3. What made you move and join the academy/What do you like most about the Team/gym/program?

“I liked the feel of the gym it’s intensity is very similar to the feel you get in high level wrestling rooms.  I know rooms like this breaks you and when you break and keep going is when you jump levels and that’s happening everyday at practice , also I feel the technique being taught is top notch and is going to put me where I want to be which is number 1 in the world”


Meet: Clarence Jordan

Clarence Jordan with a nice head kick.

Clarence Jordan with a nice head kick.

Clarence has made the Move to Minnesota to train at The Academy, here’s a little bit about him.

1. Where are you from?

Waterloo Iowa (same town as wrestling legend Dan Gable)

2. What is your background in athletics/ MMA experience?

I wrestled in high school and college , then I started training for MMA my Junior year of college. (Clarence is now 2-1, in his Pro career)

3. What made you move and join The Academy?

I was invited by my manager Jeremy Bjornberg to come visit the gym and after one practice I knew this was where I needed to be. Tough training partners and great coaching.

4. What do you like most about the Team/gym/program?

I like being around like minded individuals. I want to be a champion and it helps me stay motivated to be around others who have the same mind set and work ethic that I do. Iron sharpens iron!


NAFC/Driller presents Knockout Kings Muay Thai/K-1

K1 photo

Punches, kicks,elbows, and knees will all be on display Saturday May 25th when Driller promotions joins forces with NAFC out of Milawuakee, WI. To put on a solid line up of fights at High Five sports bar in Burnsville, MN.

NAFC is owned by Kickboxing legend Duke Roufus, who also runs the world famous Roufusport gym. This will be Drillers’ 3rd conquest with Muay thai/K-1 rules. Their first two shows, which showcases many Academy fighters, went very well and exceeded expectations from a crowd standpoint as well as the quality of fights.  Driller’s Dana White like leading man Jeremy Bjornberg is looking to make this show the best yet.

Like past shows, the line up is full of up and coming Academy fighters from the mma team and Thai boxing squad. In the nights Main Event Ben Locken (Academy) (2-2 mma 1-0 k-1) will lock horns with Dan Kiser (10-3 mma, 1-1 k-1). Other Academy fighters on the card include Tom Jenkins looking to to 3-0 on drillers’ shows, Chris Keller, and first timer Micheal Jokondo.

In a highly anticpated fight of the night Academy’s Jordan Parsons (6-1 mma) will get in the ring vs the athletic and tough Starr Roberts. Parsons is a rising star in the mma world. The former CFA featherweight champion will also be making his first appearance in a Minnesota cage next month for Driller.

The show will starts at 7pm and tickets will be available at the door,from the fighters, or on

Moret and Smith ready for bigger stage


Next month on June 21st Ressurection Fighting Alliance (RFA) heads to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for its 8th campaign. The card is Stacked with 2 title fights of which the biggest promotion in the world (UFC) will have a close eye on.

Jeff “big frog” Curran (34-15-1) will Take on Sergio Pettis (5-0) for the Flyweight title. Curran is 1-0 since dropping to 125lbs and will look to use his brilliant ground game and veteran approach to take out the Younger brother of UFC superstar Anthony Pettis who is known for his striking abilities.

In the Co-main event- Jared “demon eyes” Downing (9-1) will defend his featherweight title against fast rising prospect Lance “the Party” Palmer (5-0) of Team alpha male. Downing a well rounded fighter will an aggresive style is looking to keep his recently won belt against Palmer who is a 4x state champion and 4x all american wrestler from Ohio State. All 4 of these fighters are close to making the Jump to the UFC. Especially the winners of these to affairs.

The Academy is sending 2 warriors to battle as well. Both to be Featured on the nights nationally televised main card on AXSTV.

Benjamin Smith who is riding a 3 fight win streak into this event, will be taking on Mike “biggie” Rhodes of Rufusport in Milwaukee. Both carry official professional records of 4-1 into this fight. With Rhodes being a striker by trade and Smith a dominant wrestler, the contrasting styles will make for an interesting fight.

Last but not least, Dan “hitman” Moret, riding high off a unanimous decision win against a very tough Stephan Watt (4-2)   April 27th, will put his 4-0 record on the line against Wisconsin’s Jose Pacheco (7-3).  After having to pull out of RFA’s January event the “hitman” picked up another locally win and picked up a plan to move to 145lbs where this fight will take place.

Tune in to AXS TV June 21st 9pm central to watch our guys in action.

(funny) Practice Preparation with Alex Van Krevelen

Video: Kaitlin Young talks Invicta FC & new opponent

Kaitlin young fights for Invicta Friday April 5th



Jacob Volkmann signs up for World series of fighting

644700_10151267339086241_1113255360_n  After a 6-4 run in the UFC, Academy Team member Jacob Volkmann was given his release after a recent loss to Bobby Greene (20-5) just two weeks prior.

Jacobs peers and teammates believe he should have been given one more chance to prove himself on the biggest stage due to his relentless grappling skills and mental toughness, but with a number of fighters being imported from the strikeforce promomtion ( also owned by cuts were made and Volkmann was one of the unlucky ones.

Bellator fighting championships was a route that Jacob wanted to go, especially with a handful of other academy teammates being part of Bellators roster. It seemed like an easy transition,but after being in contact with officials for the the promotion he learned that there would not be any opening until at least summer. With a sour taste in his mouth from a recent loss and release Jake wanted something sooner if possible. In comes World series of fighting.

World series of Fighting is a promotion out of Las Vegas, Nevada on the NBC sports network. The Roster is loaded with top prospects and former UFC veterans/champions. Andrei Arlovski, Anthony Johnson, Miguel Torres, Tyrone Spong, David Branch, and Gerald Harris are just some of the names of an ever growing list that is handled by WSOF president Former Muay thai and K-1 great “sugar foot” Ray Sefo.

Be sure to look for match up announcements with Volkmanns name included on upcoming WSOF events. Being a UFC veteran, many hungry lightweight challengers will be looking to try their hand at “christmas”. One in particular is John Gunderson (34-12-2) who has called out Volkmann in a recent interview after stating he “just doesnt like him” and that he is “annoying” to him. The next WSOF event is scheduled for March 23rd. After that they plan on another event in either may or june.