Meet: Phil Hawes


Phil Hawes a New member of The Academy fight team, as of last weekend is 4-0 as an Amateur. He normally fights at 185 lbs. but went on to win Driller promotions HWT title.

1. Where are you from?

“I’m originally from Little Ferry ,New Jersey a small suburb in North Jersey..”

2.What is your background in athletics/ mma experience?

“I’m a division 1 wrestler.. I’m a 3-0 amature in mma..”

3. What made you move and join the academy/What do you like most about the Team/gym/program?

“I liked the feel of the gym it’s intensity is very similar to the feel you get in high level wrestling rooms.  I know rooms like this breaks you and when you break and keep going is when you jump levels and that’s happening everyday at practice , also I feel the technique being taught is top notch and is going to put me where I want to be which is number 1 in the world”


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