Team Academy Winter Fight/Competition Results

Another great season of competition brought with it both adversity and triumph. We’re so proud of all our Team Academy competitors that continue to push themselves and grow as martial artists in victory and in defeat! Here is a quick summary of this winter’s results:

Ben Smith RFA

Ben Smith taking the title!

MMA Results

RFA 24 (3/6/15)

  • Ben “Silver” Smith captured the RFA welterweight title with a TKO from punches
  • Dan Moret suffered a defeat by unanimous decision
  • Andre Tieva got caught on the receiving end of punches and lost his fight via TKO
  • CT Bailey took a loss in a unanimous decision

King of the Cage 17 (2/21/15)

  • Nick Compton defeated Brandon Jenkins via unanimous decision

A-Town Throwdown (2/13/15)


Sean Richman, victorious at WWFC

  • Jon Ebert submitted his opponent with a triangle choke in the 1st round, winning his amateur debut!
  • Anthony Rose lost his bout, tapping to a guillotine choke in the 2nd round

Dakota FC 20 – Winter Brawl (1/24/15)

  • Clarence Jordan lost his fight by unanimous decision
  • Jason Huntley suffered a close, split decision loss

World War Fighting Championship 17 (1/17/15)

  • Sean Richman finished his opponent in the 1st round by TKO
  • Nick Compton put up the second “W” of the night for Team Academy, securing a rear naked choke to win his fight in the 1st round

Chaos At Cantebury VI (12/20/14)


Nick Compton with the “W”

  • Nate Howe earned a victory from an arm bar submission in the 1st round
  • CT Bailey also edged out his opponent with a 1st round arm bar
  • Melvin Cruz secured the win by TKO/referee stoppage in the 4th round
  • Jason Huntley won out in a unanimous decision

KOTC Industrial Strength (11/22/14)

  • Clarence Jordan found himself on the winning side of a unanimous decision

A-Town Throwdown IV (11/15/14)

  • Hayden Buckner tapped out his opponent with a guillotine choke early in the 2nd round
  • Anthony Rose executed a beautiful knock out after just 14 seconds of the 2nd round


    A beautiful TKO by “The Marine”

Bellator 131 (11/15/14)

  • Mike Richman earned a swift TKO victory over Nam Phan, prompting a stoppage to the fight after just 46 seconds!

RFA 20 (11/7/14)

  • Ben Smith defeated his opponent via a unanimous decision after 3 rounds

BJJ Results

Submission Hunt (11/22/14)

Bergeron Subhunt

Team Academy grabbing gold at the SubHunt

  • The Academy competitors came out on top, winning several divisions and taking home the championship trophy for team points!

NAGA Chicago (11/1/14)

  • Another exciting and successful grappling tournament for Team Academy!

FIVE Grappling Tournament (10/18/14 – 10/19/14)

  • Brandon Bergeron took home gold in his gi division
  • Kelly Johnson was victorious, also taking the top spot in his division

    Troy Jones ESP

    Troy Jones celebrating the win with a proud team!

Muay Thai Results

ESP (2/21/15)

  • Troy “Trouble” Jones captured the ESP kickboxing title!

February 2015 Muay Thai Testing

IMG_8942 Another month of training, another month of testing. It was a great night of Muay Thai for our Combat Athlete students and we are so proud of all those that continue to push themselves and consistently put their skills to the test at the end of each month!

As a benchmark of sorts, testing is crucial to successes and growth in training. Not only does it help the Instructor know when a student is ready to rank up, but it highlights, for the student themselves, how much growth can be achieved in just 4 weeks and serve as motivation to push harder, to learn more.



Team Academy Summer Fight/Competition Results

Dan Moret wins via Submission

Dan Moret wins via Submission

It was a jam packed summer for the competitors of Team Academy! The endless hours of training shone through, and in both victory and defeat, they displayed true respect and sportsmanship toward their fellow fighters. We’re incredibly proud of the members of Team Academy and can’t wait for more of the battles that this winter will bring! Here is a quick recap of the results:

MMA Results

  • RFA 19 (10/10)
    • Dan Moret won by rear-naked choke in the first round
    • Mike Zimmer lost his bout by unanimous decision
    • Nate Howe got caught in an arm triangle choke early in the second round
  • KOTC Magnum Force (9/28)
    • Andre “The Diva” Tieva won his fight by split decision
    • Clarence Jordan was victorious after a unanimous decision
  • Bellator 126 (9/26)
      • Mike “The Marine” Richman triumphed over Ed West, knocking his opponent out in the first round, a finish that has now been labeled as one of the best MMA knockouts of the year for 2014

    KO by "The Marine"

    KO by “The Marine”

  • Driller at 7 Clans (7/26)
    • Carl Deaton III won by TKO in the first round
    • Dustin Murphy secured a rear-naked choke in the first round, winning his fight
    • Michael Jokondo was defeated via rear-naked choke in the third round
  • Last Man Standing (7/12)
    • Jason Huntley won by TKO (knee injury) at the end of the second round
  • Shine V (6/30)
    • Jesse Midas lost his bout, suffering a TKO in the second round
  • A-Town Throwdown III (6/27)
    • Melvin Cruz edged out his opponent in a split decision victory
  • Mecca V (5/31)
    • Carl Deaton III won by guillotine choke in the first round
    • Sean Richman earned a submission victory due to strikes at the end of the first round
    • Linsey Williams won her fight by rear-naked choke early in the second round
    • Dustin Murphy was forced to tap out of a rear-naked choke in the first round

BJJ Results

  • IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship (9/27)
    • Mike Wayman won the gold medal, becoming the IBJJF Pan No-Gi Champion
    • Greg McDermitt took gold in his weight class, following up with 3rd in the open weight division

Muay Thai Results

Troy Jones, the new Champ!

Troy Jones, the new Champ!

  • TBA SA (6/27 – 6/29)
    • Troy Jones became the Men’s Novice Light Cruiser Champion
    • Adam Hill, Art Harris, Hayden Buckner, Nora Schull, Sarah Bishop, and Tommy Matlon all fought hard and ended up with 2nd place in their categories. Andrew Yeh, Caleb Kolodge, Jeff Thao, Katie Vogel, Nate Kosberg, and Shane Chanslor also represented The Academy at the TBA
  • Live Kickboxing & Boxing (6/13)
    • Tom Jenkins was victorious in his fight
    • Tremayne Williams was defeated